Seeing Bible Stories Through a Theatrical Lens

Steve Ruth

Some may remember the famous movie portrayals of Samson by Victor Mature and Moses by Charlton Heston; thrilling stories from the Bible transferred to the silver screen. This course will cover dozens of stories that didn’t quite make it for full Hollywood treatment yet are so thrilling and poignant that they deserve box office status. Achsah, daughter of Caleb, at great personal risk, boldly demanded a better dowry—and got it. Elijah, all alone against the 450 priests of Baal, in a stunning moment, won his bet in a thunderous winner-take-all scene. In Acts, Paul works an amazing miracle in Malta. In a death-defying moment Queen Esther risks everything as she challenges the evil Haman. Nearing the end of his life, King David is warned that his son Adonijah has already superseded him as king—can he turn things around? In Judges, the great Deborah sees her people about to be conquered. What can a woman do? Hollywood likes happy endings, and, surprisingly, the Book of Job ends joyfully. And there are so many lesser known but fascinating accounts like this in the Old Testament and the New Testament, each fully capable of entertaining theater audiences today. Several Jesus stories will also be included, of course, ones that have particularly powerful cinematic values.

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