Promoting Your Event

Tips on promoting your event.

1. We ask that you help us to get the word out about Mason Speakers. Please include the following on any PR material (print, web, or email).

This lecture is made possible in part by George Mason University’s Mason Speakers program, “Connecting the University with the Community.” For information on how to book a speaker visit Mason Speakers

2. We will provide you with a short biography and, if possible, a photograph of your speaker as soon as the date and time are confirmed so that you can start promoting your event in a timely manner.

3. Newspapers–Is your event open to the public? If so, you might want to consider using the press to your advantage. Consider submitting a press release to the Calendar section of your local newspaper.

4. Newsletters–If your organization has a newsletter, be sure to plan your event far enough in advance so you can make the deadline and promote the Mason Speakers event. We can often send you a photo of the speaker to use.

5. Bulletin Boards and Flyers–Do you have a way of converting a press announcement into a simple flyer?

6. Email Lists–Many organizations have developed email lists or listservs to communicate with members. You might take advantage of this electronic form of announcing your program.