Frequently Asked Questions

The subject matter and content of topics offered is at the discretion of individual Mason Speakers. Views expressed are solely those of the individual speakers and are not, nor should they be construed as, made on behalf of George Mason University.

What is Mason Speakers?
Faculty, researchers, and administrators volunteer their time and expertise to present lectures and workshops on a multitude of topics. Any group or business in the Washington Metro area is welcome to invite a speaker to present a lecture at their site or remotely.

How much does it cost to have a Mason Speaker come to my organization?
It is FREE! Mason is committed to providing this service to the community that supports the University. We do require that organizations located more than 25 miles from the Fairfax campus reimburse the speaker’s travel expense at the rate of .67 cents per mile. However, if an organization is charging its attendees for the event, then we will connect the requesting organization with the speaker directly to determine a speakers fee and/or honorarium. Mason Speakers does not get involved in any payment between parties, and if a fee for attendance is involved, then it no longer becomes a Mason Speakers request, but rather a direct request with the speaker. If you wish to give the speaker an honorarium, that is between you and the speaker.

How many attendees are required to book a lecture?
Mason Speakers requires 10 attendees to book a speaker. If, prior to the event, an organization knows a minimum of 10 people will not attend, please call or email Mason Speakers to cancel the engagement.

How do I schedule a Mason Speaker? 
To schedule a Mason Speaker, completely fill out the form found at

  • Please submit your request at least three weeks prior to your event advertising start date.
  • Each request form is for ONE Speaker/Mason Speakers event. The alternate date and/or speakers are only utilized if the primary date and speaker are not available.
  • Mason Speakers does not offer customized topics. Only topics listed in Mason Speakers are available to request.
  • Please note that we do ask organizations to keep their requests to no more than three a year so we are able to spread our resources to many organizations without overtaxing our professors and staff.

What are the responsibilities of the host organization?
The organization that hosts the speaker is responsible for the following:

  • Market your Mason Speakers event for the best possible attendance.
  • Provide AV equipment as outlined in the topic description.
  • Introduce the speaker – we will provide you with a short biography.
  • Share this community resource with others! Organizations are asked to include the following on any public relations material about the lecture: “This lecture is made possible by George Mason University’s Mason Speakers. For further information contact or call 703-993-8846.”