Things That Keep Me Up at Night: Technology’s Severest Challenges

Steve Ruth

If you are pretty much comfortable with today’s information technology world, this course is probably not for you. The instructor, who teaches technology policy at Mason, has collected several dozen of what he thinks are the scarier, more worrisome, and potentially game-changing topics in information technology that may be in our near-term and longterm future. Many are already major news stories while others are just about to break the surface. Here are some of the topics that will be covered: revenge porn, phishing, cyber bullying, disruption by virtual currencies, bots and scrapers, e-waste, cyber terrorism, fake news, skin gambling, weapons of math destruction, Jigsaw ransomware, doxing, twitterbots, Etherium, and many more. It’s not all bad news because there are solutions for each one of these challenges, and we will discuss how governments, individuals, businesses, and churches might be able to do in order to cope with them.

A/V requirements: None