Artificial intelligence: Blessing or Curse?

Steve Ruth

This talk provides an up-to-date review of the extraordinary characteristics of this new human capability. Questions abound. Will generative languages like ChatGPT foster greater productivity, deeper insights, or chaos? How will the growing availability of AI technologies impact democratic governance, invite repressive practices, or undermine the rule of law? Will AI open up technology opportunities previously unavailable to liberal arts graduates? Will new autonomous, AI-directed weapon systems distort battlefield outcomes? Which jobs are most susceptible to be replaced by AI interfaces? What are the latest statistics on the actual productivity advantages of AI in the workplace? Does AI have the potential to develop super intelligence which can threaten civilization? Will competing chatbots cause chaotic versions of reality through misinformation? By the time this course is presented there will be countless new questions. The speaker will bring up all the latest developments, challenges and opportunities.

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