Russia’s War on Ukraine: Origins and Update

Steven Barnes (Note: For in-person engagements, speaker needs to wear a mask.)

On February 24, 2022, drawing upon a variety of demonstrably false historical analogies, Vladimir Putin ordered a mass invasion of Ukraine, extending a war that had been ongoing since 2014. Ukrainians have suffered horrific crimes at the hands of the Russian invader, but Ukraine has inspired the world through its remarkable resistance and resilience. How can an understanding of history help us make sense of this earthshaking event?

What is Ukraine and how did it come to be the object of Putin’s violent obsession? How do Ukraine’s history and culture help us understand the rise of this nation and their resistance and resilience? What historical analogies are appropriate to our understanding of this war? In this lecture and discussion, Professor Steven Barnes will explore the historical origins of Russia’s war on Ukraine and provide an update on the most recent developments and potentialities for the future.

A/V requirements: LCD projector and screen