Leveraging Social Capital for Professional Growth and Success

Tojo Thatchenkery

The objective of this talk is to help Asian Americans leverage their human and social capital for enhancing their career advancement and professional growth. This unique seminar is offered by Dr. Tojo Thatchenkery, a consultant and researcher specializing in Asian American career advancement issues in corporate America. Based on the latest research evidences contained in his new book- Making the Invisible Visible: Understanding the Leadership Contributions of Asian Minorities in the Workplace (2011)-, and interviews with hundreds of Asian Americans in Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies, this talk will help you understand the interaction between your ethnicity, perceptions and expectations held by others about you, and ways to work through the resulting complexities. Asian Americans are known to have more difficulty in converting human capital to social capital compared to other ethnic groups. They use impression management styles that are significantly different from Caucasian Americans and least likely to lead to career advancement. Offered in an experiential style, the talk will help you address these issues and become aware of the different ways human capital is transformed into social capital and the importance of enhancing the latter.

A/V requirements: LCD, Screen, Lavalier Microphone, Two Speakers