Leadership (Speaker: Rob Holder)

Rob Holder

My Leadership experience encapsulated through my presentation is designed to provide a thorough understanding of leadership applications across a multitude of sectors (Business, Government, Non-government, Military and Non-profit). Through the use of personal case studies, I will break down the various aspects of leadership under numerous contexts and situations. I will apply the Strengths Based Leadership principles and Positive Psychology which allows the audience to gain a true and complete understanding of the type of leader they may be and how to best use their talents and strengths in numerous leadership situations. After this presentation you will seek to grow out of your “comfort zone” and take on new challenges that best compliment those hidden yet to be discovered leadership traits. The presentation is high energy and very interactive. Come prepared to uncover the LEADER within you.

Questions central to the investigation of leader

ship will include:

What is the difference between Leaders and Leadership?
What are the key elements of Leadership?
What is the purpose of Leadership?
Start with the Why of Leadership?
What influences Leaders?
How do gender, culture, power, and authority relate to Leadership?

A/V requirements: Internet Access, Laptop, Screen