Elections and Voting in America (Speaker: Jennifer Victor)

Jennifer N. Victor

This presentation describes the current state of affairs in U.S. elections, and includes three sections. First, drawing on sights from leading political theorists, I dispel myths about what democracy is, why it’s valuable, and the role that voting and elections play in democratic states. Second, we take a look at the practice of voting. why do people choose to vote, or not? What purpose does voting serve? How can ensure integrity and security in election administration, while also guaranteeing broad suffrage protections? How vulnerable are U.S. voting practices to delegitimizing threats? Finally, what are the most effective actions citizens can take to protect their voting rights and ensure free and fair elections? The lecture is non-partisan and based on state of the art social scientific literature elections and voting.

A/V requirements: Internet Access, LCD Projector, Screen, White Board and Markers