Discovering Common Ground in Challenging Situations (Speaker: Tojo Thatchenkery)

Tojo Thatchenkery

As a professional you may have been facing challenging situations that require your constant attention. You find yourselves doing more with fewer resources. You have come to the realization that many of these challenges can be effectively addressed if you can find a common ground among the stakeholders which includes your colleagues and supervisors as well. This talk is designed to introduce you to a new approach in discovering common ground and resolving conflict-laden situations. It will sharpen your Appreciative Intelligence to help you and others discover a common ground that may exist in challenging situations but difficult to recognize initially. You will develop your capacity for reframing by learning to look for agreements and possibilities instead of differences and constraints in typical conflicts. For more information, please visit

A/V requirements: LCD, Screen, Lavalier Microphone, Two Speakers