Climate Change in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Jim Kinter

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” This old saying neglects the fact that everybody is inadvertently doing something about the weather – we are changing it. The reality of global climate change is now undeniable and the likelihood is high that industrialization, urbanization and deforestation have caused most of the changes observed in the past 60 years. The citizens and businesses of the Commonwealth of Virginia are not exempt from the changes Earth will experience during the rest of this century–there will be a new normal and we all need to prepare for it. Knowing where, when, and by how much climate will change in the Commonwealth, and what the impacts of those changes will be on citizens’ lives, livelihoods and property, are critically important aspects of planning and preparing for changes that are decades in the making. Dr. Kinter will describe Mason research that is focused on these questions, emphasizing what we have learned about predicting future weather and climate in the mid-Atlantic region and what remains to be done to advance our understanding to actionable predictions.

A/V requirements: LCD Projector and Screen