High Fidelity Modeling of Pathogen Movement, Transmission and Mitigation in the Built Environment (Speaker: Rainald Lohner)

Rainald Lohner

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has led to a thorough review of current ventilation systems in the built environment. The talk gives overview of high-fidelity modeling of pathogen propagation, transmission and mitigation. Starting from the current understanding of pathogen, and in particular virus transmission and mitigation, the required physical and numerical models are derived and proper simulation tools for flow, pathogens and UV radiation are shown. Thereafter, the motion of pedestrians, as well as proper ways to couple computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computational crowd dynamics (CCD) to enable high-fidelity pathogen transmission and infection simulations is treated. Numerous examples are given, among them sneezing scenarios in hospitals, lecture rooms, subway cars and airplane cabins.

A/V requirements: Laptop, LCD, Screen