Alison Cuellar

Dr. Cuellar, Professor of Health Administration and Policy, has extensive experience collaborating with insurers, physician practices and health systems as well as studying Medicaid, mental health, and justice involved populations. She studies the impact of health care price transparency tools and employer wellness programs. Her contributions also include work on identifying and evaluating health system integration, such as hospital systems and physician alliances, and their effects on quality, efficiency, costs, prices, and technology adoption. In other work she has examined the intersection of behavioral health and the juvenile justice systems and related Medicaid policies. Dr. Cuellar recently served on the National Academy of Medicine study panel on “Culture of Health: Committee on Community Based Solutions to Promote Health Equity in the US.” She also was a member of a national collaborative Mental Health Policy network supported by the MacArthur Foundation and spent the 2005-06 academic year as a visiting economist to the U.S. Department of Justice