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Mason Speakers cannot currently accept “Requests for Speakers” via the internet.
For assistance in requesting a speaker, please contact Sarah Gallagher,
Office of Community and Local Government Relations,
at 703-993-8761 Monday –Friday, 9-5.

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Welcome to Mason Speakers.
Mason Speakers comprises over 100 professors, researchers, administrators and alumni volunteers from George Mason University who provide lectures and guest presentations to organizations and businesses free of charge. Several hundred topics are listed on the speaker's registry. Operating throughout the Metropolitan Washington DC area since 1993 as the George Mason University Speakers Bureau, over 1000 requests for speakers have been filled as part of this community service program.

You can search the database of speakers by keyword, speaker, or topic category. To start looking for a speaker, click Find a Speaker. When you have made your choice, click Request a Speaker. If you can not find a speaker that fits your needs, please call the Office of Community Relations at 703-993-8761.

The subject matter and content of topics offered is at the discretion of individual Mason Speakers. Views expressed are solely those of the individual speakers and are not, nor should they be construed as, made on behalf of George Mason University. Any questions or concerns as to the appropriateness of topics for a given audience should be directed to Sarah Gallagher, Mason Speakers Coordinator, at (703) 993-8761.


Mason Speakers Coordinator:
Sarah Gallagher
703.993.8761 Phone
703.993.3614 Fax

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