Priming the Pump: Staying Motivated in Tough Times

Deborah L. Parker

What do we do when our dream seems to be delayed in our lives or careers? Resumes don’t always turn into job interviews, business leads in this economy can run dry, and the day’s deluge of challenges can wear us down. Our wellspring of inspiration is low. Then it’s time to “prime the pump” and find a gush of motivation! Many may have had the experiences of using a community well in their early years and remember sometimes it was hard to get the pump going. Either the water table was too deep, or more energy was needed to bring the water forward so a lot of priming was needed. The same can be true in how we put in our energy to get the gush of opportunity. This session will help attendees identify those factors that keep them going in spite of tough times.

A/V requirements: Flip Chart, Internet, Laptop, LCD, Screen