Greatest Generations: Leadership Lessons from Personal and Family History

Deborah L. Parker

One’s own history can be the greatest educator. A passion for understanding what each generation brings can lead to greatly helping others through writing, teaching, and inspiring. How do you extract and reconcile these powerful experiences? This is what author and speaker Deborah l. Parker has done. Join her as she maps her family and personal chronicles beginning with her pre-civil rights era upbringing in Waverly, Virginia, located in Sussex County. Raised the oldest child of a determined single mother in the home of wise maternal grandparents and surrounded by encouraging extended family that instilled in her a strong belief system, Deborah dubbed them part of that “greatest generation”. From her rural home with no indoor plumbing on to college, military service, corporate positions and entrepreneurship, she builds on these leadership stories of perseverance and success. Audiences are inspired to reflect on their own narratives to move boldly forward in spite of today’s challenges.

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