Finding Victory & Valor Everyday! Standing Fearless in Your Personal & Organizational Journey

Deborah L. Parker

The lion in The Wizard of Oz wanted it. Soldiers in the face of battle exhibit it. New and seasoned business owners need it. Organizational practitioners survive because of it. What is it? Courage. Bold and daring. To be able to stand in the face of something imposing, while not knowing the outcome, stretches our mettle. At some point we all might find ourselves at this type of crossroad, particularly in today’s workplace and society. VUCA, a strategic assessment term used by military leadership, can be best applied to describe these conditions we encounter – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. With changes in financial, structural and human resources, the hierarchy in various entities look to us as subject matter professionals for innovative solutions in navigating these realities. How do you then bravely meet these expectations, whether you’re a department of one or 100? This session will have participants explore ways to claim victory in the small to large actions of daily moving toward personal and organizational mission goals. Using communications and problem solving skills, emphasis will particularly focus on identifying and boldly standing against any resistance to implement wins.

A/V requirements: Flip Chart, Internet, Laptop, LCD, Screen