Connecting with Your True Self at Work

John W. Crane

Financial Advisor is John’s second career. His first career was in the field of telecommunications where he held multiple roles from customer service, project management, and ultimately a Senior National Account Manager assigned to the largest account in the company. It was a good job and he felt lucky to have it, but it lacked fulfillment and that is what led him to reinvent himself into a financial advisor.

Learn from John’s personal story how he devoted the first 8-years of his adult life to successfully accomplishing the wrong goals and then pivoting his career into a new direction that was more in-line with his true self. As a point of comparison, in the first 8-years of his adult life he held seven (7) different jobs while chasing money and happiness. In the 15-years that followed, he held only one job with the same firm the entire time. The happiness was immediate and then the money followed.

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