Susan C. Bon

Susan C. Bon is an associate professor in the Education Leadership and Special Education Leadership Programs at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Her scholarship is primarily focused on the impact of law and ethics on leadership and special education leadership in K-12 schools. She has authored and co-authored nearly 30 articles and book chapters addressing the legal and ethical principles that inform administrative practice and impact leadership for teachers and all students in K-12 schools. Her recent publications include two articles in the Journal of School Leadership, Examining the crossroads of law, ethics and education leadership; and Special education leadership: Integrating professional and personal codes of ethics to serve the best interest of the child. Dr. Bon’s ongoing research efforts are focused on the statutory and common law education rights of all exceptional learners. She also continues to examine the importance of special education leadership, ethical leadership in education, and the legal and policy impacts of employment disputes in public school settings. Prior to her university faculty service, Dr. Bon worked as the ombudsman in the State Superintendent’s Division of the Ohio Department of Education. She spent one year as a part-time Intern at the United States Education Department working on Title I, Part D (Neglected or Delinquent Youth), McKinney-Vento (EHCY), and Homeless Education Disaster Assistance (HEDA) Grant Programs. Dr. Bon is a member of the Board of Directors for the Education Law Association and received her law degree and doctorate from The Ohio State University.