Sara Cobb

Sara Cobb, Director, Center for the Study of Narrative and Conflict Resolution @ School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She conducts research on conflict narratives in the context of studies of ethnic conflict, counterterrorism, and democratization. She has conducted conflict assessments in Guatemala, Somalia, and Israel; and at present, she is currently studying the climate science conflict in the US. As a faculty member, she teaches courses in narrative research methods and systemic intervention design. Through her research she has specialized in the analysis of conflict narrative and has contributed to the critique of “neutrality” in conflict resolution processes. Dr. Cobb has also consulted to a variety of organizations, within the United States, as well as in Europe and Latin America. Her consulting practice includes work on organizational change processes in family businesses; she also provides training for corporations in negotiation and conflict resolution processes. She has published widely in a number of journals on topics related to the transformation of meaning in conflict processes.