Molly Davis

Dr. Davis, Associate Professor, Emeritus, Department of Social Work is an experienced educator and faculty member.  She has a diverse background in teaching classes on Human Behavior across the Life Course, Human Development and specialized content such as Gerontology, Psychology, and Social Work practice.  She is a speaker and trainer on a number of topics. She has been involved in training professionals in the area of culture and diversity, intergenerational issues and child welfare issues, such as children and families.  Her specialized expertise is on trauma and the life course and ways in which the experience of trauma can be managed to include disaster behavior management. She also speaks on Trauma and Long-Term Care.   Her experience working with Aging and Older Adults and her years of training, research, speaking at professional conferences highlight her background and experience in topics like personal safety risk management in the workplace and addressing issues around social isolation, depression, suicide risk management.  She also has experience working with veteran populations.