John Villanueva

John Villanueva is the chief strategy and revenue officer at ArmorText. He also chairs the ArmorText board of outside advisors. ArmorText Secure Teams is a proprietary business communication platform built to serve the national security, defense, and critical infrastructure communities. Previously, John served as the director for executive education seminars and national security studies at Williamson College; senior defense policy and technology advisor to the Department of Defense; senior defense strategist for crisis management and continuity of government for the Office of the Secretary of Defense; CEO for a foreign affairs and national security consultancy that provided advice and consultation to the United States intelligence community and its NATO allies, and the chief intelligence advisor for worldwide psychological operations. John is also a highly decorated U.S. Army combat veteran, having earned 36 awards and citations throughout his 21-year career. In addition, John sits on the advisory boards of several companies and lectures on Criminology, Law, and Society at George Mason University.